ATV Tours Are Perfect For First-Timers

Since becoming an ATV tour guide at ACE Adventure Resort I’ve learned one thing: riding your own ATV is a BLAST!

Most of the people we take out in our private backcountry playground are first-time riders. They are a little timid at first, but they quickly gain confidence as we start out on easy trails and progress into the more challenging trails. By the end of the trip, those timid, first-timers are climbing steep hills and riding through mud holes like true veterans!Riding an ATV isn’t that physically challenging; that’s probably why they are so popular. You can ride long distances in a short amount of time, and get to the less-traveled areas to see some incredible wildlife and look out over scenic overlooks that few get to see.

Riding an ATV is more of a mental exercise than anything else. Reading the terrain, making smart decisions, and not getting too crazy are keys to a successful run.
Our backcountry trails offer all kinds of terrain. We have graceful trails that wind through dense forest and open meadows leading to remote overlooks and forgotten beaver ponds.

We have rocky trails that you bounce and maneuver up and down steep hills, over logs and across creeks.

We have tight, narrow trails that keep you on your toes, twisting and turning through trees, boulders and shrubs.

And we have easy, flat trails (old logging roads usually), that climb up and down the mountains and valleys that surround us.

And yes, of course we have mud holes! EVERYBODY loves the mud. Mud, mud, mud! Hey, just remember that we have to clean those ATVs after every trip! (Just joking, the guides love the mud just as much as you do.)

So if you haven’t considered riding an ATV before, you should! We have endless trail options to fit your needs and skills so that you can have a great first-time experience.

Many of our guests have been so fired up after taking one of our tours that when they get back home they have gone out and bought their very own ATV!

If you have a story about one of our ATV tours that you’ve taken, we would love for you to share it with our other readers.

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