Be A Good Child: Take Mommy Rafting

Working in the whitewater industry we get a few perks, such as being able to offer our families the opportunities to raft with us when they come to visit their kids who have defected from the North.

I’m one of those kids, and my mom comes at least once a year to raft with us.

My mom is fit, attractive, has a killer wardrobe, and swears that broccoli can cure any and all ailments. She’s also always up for trying new things, even if it does make her a little nervous.

My mom’s first rafting trip was on the Lower New River. She was all for it, and very excited. I would never use the word clumsy if I were to describe my mom, but that is exactly what I will use when describing my mother while whitewater rafting.

While rafting, you are given instructions on how to brace into the boat so you don’t fall out so easily. For some reason, this concept seems to elude my mom. She never braces in, and it always seems like she’s not paying attention. So, my Mom gets to swim quite a bit because of that.

Every time I would look around, there goes my mom, feet straight up in the air going over her head into the river. I think she fell in 3 different times on that first trip. She had a blast though, thankfully.

The following year she wanted a challenge, so we decided to give her a go on the Upper Gauley. I will admit I was concerned about her doing the Upper Gauley after her stellar performance on the New, but she did great. She braced all day, and paddled like a rock star. We were able to hit all the big holes, and surf all the waves while keeping her in the boat.

Although Mother’s Day has come and gone, I still get a little nostalgic around this time of year. These were really great trips to experience with my mom, and they are memories that will last my lifetime.

Give your Mom the benefit of the doubt and take her whitewater rafting. I guarantee you will have a blast, and have great stories to tell the rest of the family.

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