Bike Rides at ACE

Bike Rides

Mountain Biking at ACE

Why Bike Ride at ACE?

I want to ride my bicycle- I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride wherever I like. That “Where ever” meaning the scenic homeland that is ACE grounds. Not only was that a nice spin on a great Queen song, but also an idea for the next time you visit ACE Adventure Resort for vacation.

Bike rides were the glory of our childhood. Many kids spend their summer on bikes. It’s the first real “wheels” they ever got. And with those wheels, we gained freedom.  To turn off your mind and take in the world at what feels like a high rate of speed, or even a slow pace, whatever you desire, is to feel energized, refreshed and free of care. As kids we knew this, but as adults we seem to forget. We become obsessed with schedules, even on vacation, that make it still seem a bit like work.

When you’re at ACE, you can’t help but notice the beauty around you in nature. No matter the activity you partake in, you are also partaking in a tour of nature at its finest. It really only makes sense to bring back a love from your childhood that is both healthy and happy, while experience the wild and wonder West Virginia. Perhaps you aren’t from the area and don’t know the terrain. Maybe you don’t even have a bike at all.

ACE is so bike friendly that you can rent a mountain bike, AND/ OR have a guide take you on an enjoyable, scenic ride. You are in control of how challenging or easy going your bike path will be. Also, the perk of having a guide along is not only the unique tour of the trail they will give you, but also having some security while you’re on your ride. Allow life to hit cruise as you peddle away your worries. This can be family fun, or individual fun. Either way, it is the epitome of classic fun that we loved as kids. Pay homage to the child in you while on vacation at ACE this summer, you owe it to yourself.

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