Bob’s Story: First Time On The Gauley River

Gauley River
Have you ever wondered how it feels after your first Gauley River trip? Below are direct quotes from a first-time ACE guest- Bob H. of Rhode Island. Bob visited ACE on the last Gauley day of the year (October 21st in 2012) . Historically this is one of our favorite (and FUN) weekends. From reading his customer survey, I think it’s safe to say Bob had a blast. In fact, Bob was spotted at the year-end party boogying late into the night with his newly found river family. And did I mention Bob is a young 72 years old?

Here’s what Bob had to say:

“My guides on the New (Friday) and the Zip Line (Saturday) were very friendly and professional, just a joy to be with. My guide for the Gauley marathon was Tug. He was super, the best guide I have ever had. His explanation of every rapid and how we were going to do it was excellent. It made a 72 year old feel comfortable and safe. When I got tossed out at the hole in Pure Screaming Hell, he was right where he said he would be and directed me to the safety of another ACE raft. It was a trip I will always remember.”

*(Yes, rapids often have non-pc and intimidating names.)

“Bartenders Jim and Lesley made me feel at home. Pig roast was out of this world.”

“It was one of the best weekends of my life. I came by myself, but left with at least 200 new friends. As I talk to staff members (receptionist, bartenders, security, food staff, etc) it became very clear to me that they love what they do, love working at ACE, and enjoy providing the best possible experience for your customers. Although, I did not feel like a customer, the staff made me feel like I was one of them. Thank you for a great experience.”

I’m thinking we should be the ones thanking Bob. Thank you Bob for really getting it. We do love what we do, and we love it even more when our guests fall in love with it. The first time on the Gauley River is definitely an experience worth sharing. Welcome to our prestigious club: a new inductee into the Gauley River whitewater team! We know this is the beginning of a great friendship.

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