Campfire Cookout Recipes: A Simple and Easy Pizza

Campfire Cooking RecipesWhen you go camping, whether it be in a pop-up tent or cozy cabin at ACE, you tend to eat the same types of food. Hotdogs or a hamburger, whatever is easiest to grill, perhaps beans and s’mores at night. This is delicious camping food however, if you camp frequently, you and your family may get a little tired of having the same type of meal. This is a simple, wallet friendly, kid friendly meal. Even if you have no kids, everyone will find himself or herself wanting this campfire cookout recipe. It’s perfect for changing up each time you have it and everyone will enjoy personalizing it!

Fireside Camp Pizza:
-All you need to cook this is a grate to place over the fire. Tin foil is helpful to contain any mess.

Ingredients include:
1 pack of pita or naan bread (depending on preference)
1 bottle of pizza sauce
Shredded mozzarella
Any additional pizza toppings you desire. Get creative! Veggies, Meat, Fruit etc.

Directions: Place bread on grate over fire and heat until lightly toasted. This prevents sauce from making bread soggy. Once toasted, flip bread over and place on low heat, meaning pull it out of the direct flame as to not heat too quickly. Next, top bread with sauce, cheese and finally preferred toppings. Let sit and cool for 5-10 minutes. Instant Fireside Camp Pizza! Enjoy

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