Capture Your Whitewater Rafting Memories On Video


I can’t think of any better way to capture your trip memories than on video. Now don’t get me wrong, I always bought the pictures from our trips, but I also bought our DVD videos, too.It was the videos that actually helped us through the long winter months as we endured that most painful time of what we call river withdrawals. Each and every time we’d watch a video from one of our trips, we’d laugh and get all hyped up again as if we’d taken another trip only this time staying dry.

We loved to share them with friends, too. Many would tell us how it looked like so much fun and then proceed to ask us several questions with a big-eyed look on their faces.

The river is fabulous, but I do think the video crew has some sort of magical niche that make those waves and all the action they capture look even more spectacular on tape. It’s that “wow” feeling afterwards of thinking, hey, I did that! (And sometimes the “oh no, I didn’t” reaction too! The rule of thumb is if it’s caught on video, then it’s a done deal. Not to worry as they take their jobs seriously and make us all look good.)

Our video boaters brave the river to capture your trip on video. Masters of their craft, they entertain, film, edit, and produce a masterpiece you will treasure in the years to come. John Cornwell (pictured above in the editing studio) manages the video department and has a very talented staff of video paparazzi. They all are experienced kayakers and never cease to surprise you with their latest props, and dialog!

Kudos to John C., Peyton, Jesse, Johnny P., Karl, Mike, Austin, Ken, Andrew, Aleah, Rob, Tommy, Alicia, and James, as they ride along on our trips capturing your whitewater adventure making you the star!

After returning to ACE while the rest of us are showering, they are busy editing and producing the video. In about an hour, they meet us back under the big top, aka the big white tent where you checked in for your trip, to see your trip video.

Usually large crowds gather there and the roaring sound of laughter and applause can often be heard during replays of flips, or swims. You know it’s a really good one when it’s shown in slow motion and then replayed a couple of times, too!

Don’t miss out; reserve your video now when making your trip reservation. Just ask one of our adventure consultants for details. Capture your Gauley trip on DVD, you won’t regret it.

Do you have a favorite video boater? Tell us who it is and why? We’d love to hear from you.

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