Casey Joins The ACE Blog Team — And The Office

After spending almost a decade at ACE Adventure Resort as a guide, I have recently transitioned to become the Director of Group Sales here at ACE. This new position has afforded me the opportunity to reflect on the many experiences I’ve had here in beautiful southeastern West Virginia over the past 9 years.When I moved here many moons ago, I was single and in college at Northern Arizona University. I’ve always loved being around water and being active, so I thought that maybe working as a guide would be a good fit for me. I never expected to be here nine years later married with two kids and a mortgage.

I truly love this area and the people I’ve met here. This list is for any of you out there that may be thinking about becoming a guide.

Top 5 Best Things About Being A Raft Guide

5. The snowflake effect (no two trips/crews are the same).

4. The incredibly low overhead head associated with living in a tent.

3. The staff and the guests.

2. The freedom to be weird.

1. The office (as in, the river).

Worst 5 Things About Being A Raft Guide

5. No electricity.

4. Working 30 days straight.

3. The sports bra tan (from the personal flotation device).

2. Sharing a bathroom with 40 other raft guides.

1. The 7 to 1 guy to girl ratio.

What would you add to these lists?

And, for more info on what group sales director helps out with at ACE, check out our Group Planner’s Toolkit here on the website.

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