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It would take a lifetime to cover all charted climbs, between the Gorge, Summersville Lake and the Meadows there is over 65 miles of cliff faces to scale including over 1700 recognized routes to climb, that range from challengingly easy to impressively difficult. Continue reading

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A figure eight knot is a climber’s go-to knot for all sorts of things. But most common, you’ll see it used to attach the rope to a person’s harness so they can safely climb. If you’re in a pickle and your dog is running loose, this knot can make a quick leash. It also works well when you find your car needs removed from a ditch. Just wrap the loop around the tow hitch and pull.
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You can be assured we will be doing everything we can to fulfill our resolutions and if you’d like to jump on the bandwagon, well, there’s plenty of room. Continue reading

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Rappelling in the New River Gorge might seem a little scary at first, but with the right instructors and a beautiful setting the fears melt away and the fun begins. Continue reading

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