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When you go camping, whether it be in a pop-up tent or cozy cabin at ACE, you tend to eat the same types of food. Hotdogs or a hamburger, whatever is easiest to grill, perhaps beans and s’mores at night. … Continue reading

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Wear shoes that give you ample room to move your toes. If there’s any significant pressure on any part of your feet, it’ll restrict blood flow and freeze your feet up much faster than if you have wiggle room. Even booties a size too big will keep you warm as your feet will quickly heat up the water sloshing around in there – whereas one size too small is sure to keep your toes numb in cold water. Continue reading

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ACE now makes travel for you and your pet as easy as a day at the dog park. Because we now offer pet friendly cabins, travel to ACE Adventure Resort for you and your pet is a reality. If you take your pet with you, you want there to be plenty of bonding time! Being located in the great outdoors means endless adventure for you and an entirely new world of sites and smells for your pet that’ll leave both of your tails wagging. Continue reading

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Jessica’s entry in our cabin naming contest inspired the name for the newest ACE cabins in the heart of West Virginia rafting country, the Ridge View Retreat. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day lurks just two weeks away and, like most people, there’s a good chance that you haven’t given much thought or are having trouble deciding on something to make this year’s Valentine’s Day special. We can just feel the anxiety ratchet up a notch as you read this. Don’t worry, ACE Adventure Resort is here to help. Continue reading

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Help ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia name its new cabins! If you’re selected, you’ll win a free night in one of our latest lodging additions. Continue reading

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The New River Gorge is just as fun in the winter as it is in the summer. What? You think we’re pulling your leg? Well, gather round the crackling fire on this cold January day and listen close, my friends, for here are just five things you can do that are awesome: Continue reading

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Cinch down your stuff sacks, pack the cooler to the rim with choice beverages and make sure you’ve replaced the camp chair that folded up like an origami swan last time you were camping and check out these 7 camping essentials no camper should be without: Continue reading

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An ACE guest takes time to write us about his family’s experience whitewater rafting, mountain biking, dining and relaxing at ACE Adventure Resort in southern West Virginia. Continue reading

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These are the top 5 questions we get asked here at the ACE reservations office about rafting on the Gauley River. Continue reading

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