Do You Know The 5 Prettiest Places On The Gauley River?


The Gauley River in West Virginia isn’t just for whitewater rafting in some of the biggest rapids on earth.

It’s also for checking out the scenery in some of the prettiest rapids on earth.

Here are five places you need to have a picture of yourself in:

1. The Summersville Dam. Okay, okay. Some people can argue about how pretty/ugly a dam is. But it’s a pretty impressive structure, regardless, and it’s the beginning of your trip. You need a “before” pic.

2. Pillow Rock. Above is a calm-before-the-storm shot. But you might want to save it for a below picture, looking back up into the rapids. It’s super impressive, and your friends will finally believe you about the river.

3. Tumble Home. Note: do not take pictures in Tumble Home. It’s one of the toughest spots on the river, and your crew needs you. After you’re through, though, take a look back up stream. Awesome.

4. Sweet’s Falls. It’s kind of hard to capture everything that’s cool about Sweet’s in one picture. So take lots. The cliff on the right side. Rafts going over the falls. Postage Due and Box Canyon. They’re all photo-worthy.

5. Canyon Doors. It’s really in a class by itself, and if you’re on the Lower Gauley, you’ll get a chance to see why. A huge sandstone cliff that rises from river to rim, Canyon Doors is one place you’ll definitely want to shoot while you’re there.

There are sooooo many others. What do you think are the most photogenic spots on the Gauley?


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