Drop the Notebooks, Students! We’re Rafting the Gauley River

Gauley River Rafting

Celebrating after a great “Pillow” ride

Summer is gone now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue having adventure just because you’re stuck inside a classroom. While this is directed at the college students out there, this stands true for everyone. Plain and simple, the end of summer does not mean the end of fun. In fact, it means quite the contrary. Now that classes are in full swing, you have deadlines to meet and new concepts to master; you need something that is that much more exciting to allow you to let off some steam.

Say hello to your new best friend, rafting the Gauley River. I’m sure you’re wondering how you can manage this with a crazy schedule and tight funds being a student. I myself am a college student, and let me happily inform you, it is quite possible (thanks to ACE, of course). Rafting the Gauley River on either the upper or lower stretches is mainly a weekend activity. This instantly remedies your busy student schedule because you don’t have class. Also, this activity really only demands one day, leaving you with other days to finish projects or work on deadlines.

Imagine yourself finally breaking free of the stress that accompanies college life and finding adventure amongst the great outdoors. Yes, dreams do come true. This is such a rush that we are confident you will return to class the following Monday with not only an awesome story to tell your friends, but a more relaxed demeanor. Don’t miss the boat (or raft in this case). Plus most of us have an extra day off on Monday, October 14th for Columbus Day. Three day weekend = plenty of time to study AND play!

Statistics, business, psychology, multiple classes, teaches students the importance of opportunity. Time to take that theory outdoors and seize adventure. The break in monotony that rafting the Gauley River offers could even be beneficial to your GPA! I know, it just keeps getting better and better. To sum it up, we know that you students work hard and quite frankly we want you to play even harder.

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