Employee of the Week- Steve Arenaz

Steve Arenaz

This week our employee of the week should be a contender for the world’s most fascinating man! Steve Arenaz, in his own words, “bleeds blue and yellow”, the colors of ACE and has fallen in love with the company. Luckily for him, the love is mutual. After being disappointed with past business endeavors, Steve took an adventurous shot in the dark in 2009 and decided to move to WV to train as a raft guide with ACE. He is a New and Gauley River guide, a zip line guide and mud obstacle guide. Steve loves to see and adventure the world and share that passion with others.

Steve has spent 6 wonderful seasons with ACE, only taking one season off for chemo treatments. Coming back from something like that, has left him with a deeper zeal and appreciation for life. He calls himself a ”child of the world” as he has moved around and traveled much of the world. Places that Steve has left his footprint include: Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, China, Mexico, Canada, Britain and of course all over the United States. His passion for the river and seeing those smiling faces in his raft is what keeps him coming back to West Virginia summer after summer. By day he is found guiding a raft, by evening cooking a meal of culinary-genius proportions for many of the other employees, and by night serenading ACE with his banjo melodies. It’s great employees like Steve that help make ACE as awesome as we are and we are glad to have him along for the adventure!

Steve Arenaz

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