End Of The Year Top 5 Whitewater Rafting Moments

Well, it’s been an amazing 2010 here in the New River Gorge.


Great weather.  Lots of water.  Big improvements.  And you, of course.  Which was cool.

There was a lot that could have made the list, but here are our top 5 whitewater moments from ACE 2010 …

5. New Guide/Adventure Staff.  It’s always nice to see the new folks in come through our guide school, and this year did not disappoint.  Thanks, rookies, for getting yourselves (and your guests!) down the river safely.

4. New Guests.  The economy was down, but the number of ACE guests was up.  We like that a lot.  Thanks, everyone, for trusting us with your vacations.  It’s a fine responsibility to have.

3. Zip Line stuff.  We made huge improvements out on the canopy tour, and we got tons of great responses.  Can’t wait for you to check it out.  Actually, you can do that now.

2. Pillow Rock love.  It really does get better every year. There were more paddle slaps, more going big, and more great ACE pics at the Pillow this year than ever before.  Thank you, Gauley River.

1. Newbies.  2010 was the Year Of The Newbie, and we took down more first-time rafters than ever.  That’s awesome, because it means there are more people out there to keep the whitewater tradition alive.  You rock.

And what about you?  What made your list?

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  • jonboy

    Where are the other 2?????

  • Rick1

    While it may not make the top 5… NEW ATV’s!!! With the popularity of our ATV Tours we had to buy a whole fleet of new ATV’s. I have a feeling we are going to have to buy even more for next year. ;)

  • Naira

    I have noticed Ace likes everything new. New guests seem to have much better experience than returning ones. What about customer loyalty? In hard economic times that should make business sense

  • Rick1

    I apologize Naira – I need to clarify that we “had” to buy new ATV’s because they had to many miles on them. ATV’s take a lot of abuse. I hope new and old guests appreciate them.

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