Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bridge Day

Here’s a guest blog post from our friend Ben, one of the many good people who bring you Bridge Day:

If you keep up with what’s going on over at ACE, it’s nearing the end of Gauley Season and they’re paddling straight for Bridge Day. You know Bridge Day, right? It’s the West Virginia rafting season end of the year party, and the biggest festival in the state. And, yup, you’re invited.Here’s Bridge Day in a nutshell: People go parachuting off the New River Gorge Bridge while you raft the river below. About 100,000 other people stand on the bridge and eat funnel cake. There are also festivals in town, live music and lots of opportunity to eat yourself silly. Basically, it’s a chance to throw down at one of the biggest and best parties anywhere.

Let me give you a little weekend run-down.

Bridge Day is always the 3rd weekend in October, so this year we’ll start tonight with a Taste of Bridge Day. The fun starts at 5 PM, with food and drinks from all around the Gorge. Back at ACE, they’re hosting a live performance of “Little Shop of Horrors” — starts at 8 PM.

Saturday the 17th is the big day. ACE is there to take you rafting down the world famous New River Gorge. The highlight of your trip might be the rapids, but we’re betting it will be watching the jumpers. You’ll see people flying, one after another, with nothing to save them but a parachute and a sense of adventure. Believe me, it’s a spectacle.

After your trip, there will be plenty going on at ACE to keep you entertained — Brian Hornsby and his band or rock n’ rollers will be showing up for an evening of classic, new and southern rock tunes. And up in town, we’re hosting the first Bridge Day Chili Cook-Off. Jumping. Beans. Go crazy.

On Sunday the 18th, take your time before you head on out. The fall colors are in full force in the mountains and there’s still plenty to see and do. We want to make your stay memorable, so if you have any questions about adventures or activities, just ask us. In fact, it’s the very last day of Gauley Season 2009 — you may want to check it out.

One last thing: We know you want to take a lot of pictures and video while you’re in the Gorge, and there’s plenty of ways to share your stuff online. So after your trip, visit Julie under the ACE Big Top Tent to upload your photos and videos for the world to see.

We cool? Nice. Book your trip, come on up, and we’ll see you there

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