Fall Vacations: What You Need To Know



Okay, okay.  We love whitewater rafting.

Admitted.  Happy now?

Because you’re thinking, “Ha!  What are you gonna do now, ACE, when rafting season on the New River is done?  How are you going to have any fun, now that your precious Gauley River season is over?!  MWAHAHAHAHA!”

Thanks for rubbing it in.

But just because it’s now October, and we’re not really doing the whitewater thing, doesn’t mean we’re not having A BLAST!

So there.

What are we doing for fun, you ask?  Oh, I don’t know … maybe just …  relaxing in the best cabin in the history of earth!!!

Ever take a cabin vacation?  Then you know what we’re talking about.  Because, seriously, it’s awesome.  Awesome in a way that nothing really compares to, get-away wise.

Plus, that’s what we do in the off season.  ACE becomes the cabin-in-the-mountains center of the universe.  Don’t believe it?  Read on.

All of the cabins at ACE are ready for autumn and winter.  That means roasty-toasty nights snuggled up with your loved ones, sipping hot cocoa, playing games, watching movies, and yes, sleeping in.

It gets better.

Tons of adventure stuff at ACE is still going on.  Zipline canopy tours.  ATV trips.  Mountain biking.  More.  Hey, we’re not slowing down just because the leaves are (almost) on the ground.

And if you really love whitewater, we can still help:  We’ll let you dress up in a wetsuit while we pay someone to throw cold buckets of water on you while you watch rafting videos!*

Sound cool?  It is, probably.

And it’s just another one of those things that makes ACE, ACE.  Hey, we’re here for you.  With cabins.

*We’ve never actually tried this, but if you’re up for it, we can probably work something out.

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