Free Stuff At ACE– A Trail Maintenance Weekend In Review

I woke up early on Saturday to head to ACE for our Annual Trail Maintenance Event. The coffee was brewing as I wiped the sleep from my eyes. Bella – my dog – stayed in bed as I went about my morning routine. As night turned to morning, it became clear that the day was going to be full of environmental challenges.

The sky was that gloomy charcoal gray that hangs in the air as if a beacon for something ominous. I didn’t obsess about it. I poured my coffee and went about my three S’s – shower, shave and shine.

The gray sky lingered, though. As I checked for my lunch and laptop before leaving, I heard a strange crackling. The sleet had begun. How were the 17 volunteers going to react to working in this crazy weather?

I have to say I was impressed. They could have cared less about the weather. They were happy to have a weekend getaway to ACE – and the free cabin and hot tub for their efforts didn’t hurt.

They were dressed for the weather and ready to work. Devon Bussard was the ACE liaison for the event. He is a whitewater and mountain biking guide and gave them the lowdown on what the day would entail. After a quick meet and greet, they loaded up and headed out.

The weather that day went from bad to worse to better to confusing. Snow one minute. Then sunshine. Then sleet. Then sunshine, again. When I saw them at the lunch, the weather had not dampened – no pun intended – their spirits and progress was being made.

They finished the afternoon and returned to their awaiting hot tubs. Sunday’s weather was more sunny and warmer as they finished their volunteer work. And we at ACE appreciate it. It gives us a head start for the coming season. Plus, it reinforces how much our guests care about ACE to give up a weekend to help us.

Were you there? Sound off in the comments …

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