From Job Crunch To Dream Job: Meet James

Hello fellow bloggers and visiting guests! This is a little introduction of me and how I ended up at a dream job at ACE Adventure Resort.

I graduated from WVU with a marketing degree in May 2008. ??I sold cars, insurance, and memberships for various companies through April 2009. I must say that at this point in my life I was feeling a bit battle-torn by the job market as a college graduate.But to my great surprise, I received a call from Jack Lund at ACE in early May 2009, and my dreams came true — and beyond!

I never in my life imagined that I would live in a tent or work in a place that would enhance my extremely positive nature. Now I am doing the unimaginable: I live in a tent and love it! Everybody I work with has a dynamic personality and loves adventure and excitement!

Now I suppose you are wondering what I do here at ACE that makes me so happy besides living in a tent. Ha-ha! I am an Adventure Consultant (reservationist), Mud Obstacle Course Guide, and Official Announcer/Host at all ACE Special Events.

And finally, the reason why I love working at ACE the most is, although I do not receive traditional benefits that I had in my previous boring jobs, I do receive an amazing FUN benefits package!

So what can I tell you about working at ACE? Can you believe all these guides live in tents? Have you ever wished your job had a bit more adventure?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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