From The Mud Pit

When we first opened the Mud Obstacle Course , I gathered up ACE’s marketing staff and a few other willing players for a video shoot for Charleston’s WCHS Traveling WV Segment. I really didn’t know what to expect.I came prepared to get dirty, but this was far beyond what I imagined. I opted to use one of the old wetsuits ACE provides, and I’m glad I did. That water was COLD! And the mud, well, let me put it this way: if you aren’t a big fan of the Cleveland Browns already, you will be after the final “Swamp Crossing.” Your entire wardrobe including your shoes will be stained shades of orange and brown. Luckily, I was wearing a red wetsuit.

To set the mood, all 5 of us had to balance together on a 2-foot wooden box before heading off to the mud pit. It’s a group endeavor , remember? We were then free to take off for the first activity, a mud crawl similar to an element you might find in boot camp. It’s not too bad until that first time you have to submerge your head into the murky water.

Let me just say, it doesn’t take long before mud begins to fill the many cracks and crevices.

After each element, we had to gather back up for a group hug – it was one of the those fake hugs where you kind of hold your head back to avoid the steamy scent of mud dripping from each body.

My favorite element was the “Lake Lily Pads.” To get the chain started, we had to get one person from the first lily pad to the second. From there, we could paddle with our hands to cross from one lily pad to the next. Of course, our graphic designer, Trish, thought she could do it via a swan dive. Oh, not so. Lily pad #1 slipped right out from under her – it was a beautiful belly flop right into the water as her hands skimmed the edge of lily pad #2.

To this day, I start to chuckle when I think of her valiant attempt.

If you’re looking for an adventure that brings you back to the good ol’ days of playing in mud puddles, I highly recommend ACE’s Mud Obstacle Course.

Be sure to check out the video. It’s entertaining.

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