Geek Christmas In June At ACE


My days in the marketing department at ACE Adventure Resort are spent in front of a computer cranking out all kinds of artwork. I do everything from print and Web ads to posters, banners, signs and photos that you see at the resort.

I can really put a computer through the paces, so it’s imperative that I have one with all the muscle to keep up with me. Also, the programs I use are demanding, as well as the large photo files.

In the eight years that I’ve been with ACE, I’ve been fortunate to have supervisors (and the owners) who understand the need for a good computer to do artwork. I’ve been working on a 1.8 GHz Mac G5 Power PC with 2.5 GB of RAM. However, as time has progressed, I’ve had the need for something more.

I did some research and compared models. I decided on a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 27” iMac with 4 GB of RAM. That will do nicely.

When I received it I had to resist the urge to kiss the FedEx guy. Everybody in the office was excited and came out to watch me open my new toy. The wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse are totally awesome. This new baby rocks.

I’m a Mac girl, 100 percent. Don’t get me wrong. I know how to make my way around a Windows machine, but for the work I do, I definitely need and want a Macintosh. It’s the system I was taught at Concord University and is the professional standard for graphic designers and photographers. Besides, the cool factor goes way up with a Mac.

Up until now, I’ve been the only Mac girl at ACE. We now have three part-time designers who make up my team. My very own Mac posse.

I know this will spark a debate among the whitewater rafting techno-geeks out there, but I’m sticking to my guns. Bring it on, I’ve got back-up.

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