Get the Sugar Plum Fairies Back to Work

Christmas at ACE Adventure ReosrtSanta just sent us a letter! Apparently the Holiday Elves are tired of doing all the work while the sugar plum fairies get all the credit. He asked if we could help lighten the work atmosphere at the North Pole. Most kids love an adventure more than toys anyway, so Santa thought ACE Adventure Resort was the perfect fit to help.

Here’s a list of popular toys he’s trying to replace. So if you have any of these toys on your holiday shopping list, please help the elves and consider the replacements. Santa would really appreciate the help!

Super Soaker-

Why buy a super soaker for your kids and give them the ammo to squirt you when you are least expecting it?  Here’s an idea: bring them on a whitewater rafting trip and watch them get dowsed with heaps of water while they grin from cheek to cheek. You’ll be laughing and smiling too, but don’t worry, karma won’t get you back on this one.


Aaaah the classic Holiday gift for the person you don’t know what to get. Well at ACE we have all kinds of “fruit cakes,” many of them are our favorite guides. So give us a call and request your favorite fruitcake guide. They’re guaranteed to be sweet and maybe a little naughty.

 Perfume/ Cologne-

Fresh Mountain Air is available free of charge at ACE. We call our scent Almost Heaven. It’s world-renowned and is only available for a limited time.

 Red Rider BB Gun-

How could we put together a Holiday list for Santa and not include one of the most requested gifts of all time on it? We don’t want anyone to shoot their eye out, but we do want you to challenge your friends and family to an epic paintball match. Winner gets bragging rights and is guaranteed to have dibs on the first batch of grandma’s cookies.

Rubber Ducky-

For the younger people on your list, a sweet little rubber ducky is a safe gift. After all, none of us want to stress Mom out. Our Upper New Raft trip in a “ducky” (inflatable kayak) is sure to please both kids and parents alike. Upper New trips are available all summer for kids as young as six years old. Even Bert and Ernie will be jealous of this rubber ducky experience.

Playstation, X-box or any other Video Game-

Trust us, we’ve been doing this since 1978. We are the original PlayStation. There isn’t an adventure ACE offers that isn’t better than the latest video game. Did you feel the power of the period there? Any adventure at ACE is better than a video game, period. We are proud that Santa gets this too. Thanks Santa!

Call our local sugar plum ferries at 1-800-787-3982 to get them back to work! Santa and his Elves will appreciate it.

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