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Recently I guided a Big Water Canyon Overnight on the New River and there were two separate bachelor parties enjoying the trip. It got me thinking; where are the girls vacationing this summer?Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the guys’ antics, but I think I could relate to a girl gang a little better. And if “Sex and the City” has taught us anything, we need to celebrate our girlfriends more than ever!

So I thought I’d make a few suggestions for your upcoming chick trip.

If you’re getting together with long-time friends who know everything about you and have seen your best and worst side, let me suggest an overnight. You get two different river trips on two different sections of the New River and tenting accommodations for one night.

Plus, all four meals for the trip are organized and prepared for you. I guarantee that you’ll make new memories to laugh about for years to come.

If you’re worried that your gang needs more comfort, but equal opportunities for laughs, try staying in one of our cozy cabins or chalets.

Between soaks in the hot tub and cocktails at the Lost Paddle Bar & Grill, you could try a casual Upper New River trip or a high-flying canopy tour. Want a mud treatment for the high maintenance girls? My suggestion is an ATV tour after a soaking rain!

And finally, if you’re thinking that all of this is still too much excitement, ACE can provide a peaceful atmosphere as well. Book yourself a cabin and pack up your books, art supplies, journal, camera and whatever else you need to restore the soul. If you visit mid-week, you’ll avoid the weekend crowds and you can have the endless hiking and biking trails to yourself.

So hopefully I’ve convinced you to plan a trip with your college buddies, carpool friends, mothers and sisters. If not, my final plea is a bit selfish. Save me from the bachelor parties!

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