Guest Post: Even Armenia and Kazakhstan Love ACE

Hey, to all those who are looking for the adventure of a lifetime and ways to spend great time with friends and family: You found it. ACE is the place to be.

My sisters and I have been around the globe and found bliss at ACE. Biking, canopy, climbing, duckies and rafting, rafting, rafting! Did I mention rafting?

We have been loyal customers going on our third season, and as Susan Mitchell (one of the best guides on the river) says, we are senior rafters. We go rafting 30 trips a year.

What brings us back besides the majestic Gauley River, the best time ever, and exciting vacation?

Our guides — some of whom have become dear friends, like Nick and Leah Hillbrand, Peyton Love, Kirk Tulley, Laura Baker and Bryant Baker — are the reason we come back.

We now visit ACE not only in spring, summer, and autumn, but we’ve also found reasons to come back in winter.

There is nothing better than crashing through the waves with Leah and Nick or climbing in the New River Gorge with Cosmo and Jen, sitting by a campfire with Laura and Bryant, enjoying dinner with Lee at the Lost Paddle Bar, watching funny videos with Peyton, having a blast watching Kirk and Scott Olive surf, learning to kayak on duckies with Leah and Susan.

What an experience!

What an awesome time to enjoy yourselves and discover life’s joyful moments over and over! You gotta love ACE. You just have to come back and do it all over again!

Your loyal customers from Armenia, Kazakhstan and New York City,

Alla, Yulia and Naira

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