High Adventure at ACE Can Allow You to Achieve Flow

High adventure flow

Feeling the flow

Ever heard of a concept called flow? Well at ACE Adventure Resort, the concept of flow abounds everywhere. You must be wondering to yourself, what exactly is flow? Despite what you may be thinking, it has nothing to do with the river or which way the current takes your raft.

Flow is the feeling you obtain after accomplishing a high adventure activity. In a sense, it can be related to nirvana or enlightenment. When a guest comes to ACE, they are often doing what they perceive to be a high-risk activity. While we have great guides that take wonderful care of each and every guest, there is inherent risk in almost all aspects of our lives. High adventure activities are high intensity and high adrenaline experiences.

Imagine yourself, rafting on the Upper Gauley for the first time. You’ve heard just how intense the Upper Gauley can be. Everyone likes to tell the wildest stories and as you embark on your adventure, so that’s what is in your head. This causes you to foresee a great risk. Yet, the excitement makes you push all worry aside. Upon hitting that first big wave, flow immediately sets in. Flow is more than the accomplished, post-trip bliss you will feel, but the feeling you experience during your activity that makes you brave enough to carry on. Once your trip is over and you have conquered multiple rapids and huge waves you will instantly gain a sense of great accomplishment, pride and excitement that leaves you feeling as though nothing is too great a battle for you. This is the essence of flow. It’s the foundation of feeling euphoria.

When all your t’s are crossed, all your i’s are dotted, the world comes together in front of you, leaving you feeling as though you can take on anything that comes your way. Because the foreseen risk is greater than the actual risk itself, this is a common feeling to accomplish while spending time at ACE. If your life could use some excitement and you find that flow is exactly what you’ve been missing out on, come to ACE and let us help you experience the feeling you simply won’t be able to forget.

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