In The Mountains, It’s All About The Love

Quick story.

At a tiny ski resort here in the great state of West Virginia, the following conversation was once overheard.

Beginner Skier Dad, in full camo body suit and safety orange hat, standing at the top of the bunny slope with his identically dressed beginner skier son:  ”Boy, do you see all of those people down there?”

Beginner Skier Son, looking down the minutely-pitched slope at the throngs of other beginner skiers who are alternately standing, skiing wildly out of control, and yard-sale-ing their way down the hill:  ”Yup.”

Beginner Skier Dad, about to unleash in its entirety the extent of his knowledge of skiing:  ”If you ski down there, and it looks like you’re going to hit one of them …”

Beginner Skier Son, about to receive the guidance that only a parent can truly bestow:  ”Yeah?”

Beginner Skier Dad, pausing for effect:  ”… that’s just part of it.”

The moral here is not about doing things recklessly (you shouldn’t) or giving bad advice (you shouldn’t) or even wearing camouflage and safety orange when you ski (you shouldn’t).

The moral here is this:  That dad and his son probably had the time of their lives that day, because they spent some time in the mountains together.

Because it’s not about the clothes, or how much skill you have.  It’s not about being an expert.  It’s not about doing everything right.

Being outside is all about the experience.  There is nothing … nothing … in the whole world like getting into the mountains with your friends and family.  Whether you ski or paddle or pedal or walk, the time that we take to connect to nature, to connect with each other, when we go outside and do something- it’s beyond value.

It’s all about the love.

Got a story like this?  Share in the comments, good people :-)

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