Independence Day On The Blob

Remember the Slip n’ Slide you would stretch out on the front lawn, spray it with water and take off down the runway only to come to a screeching halt in the grass? Well, the Blob Bag takes backyard water games to a whole new level. And of course, in true ACE fashion, we have made a competition out of it for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The Big Air Blob Competition requires a launchee and a launcher – teams of two.

As the launchee, you must be willing to be shot from the end of a very large inflated pillow and skyrocketed into the air – the higher the better. Acrobatic moves are not required but certainly help your overall score. The more controlled your entry into the water, the better your score as well.

The launcher is simply there as a catalyst. Of course, some skill is required to jump from the ladder onto the pillow, thus launching the launchee on the other end of the bag.

(Insider tip: It is best if this person is heavier than the launchee for optimum height achievement.)

For those who don’t have a need to be shot from a pillow, we have plenty of space on the beach for spectators. And it should be a good show indeed!

Everyone staying with ACE is eligible to participate, and it’s FREE! Competition and sign up start Saturday at 4pm at the ACE lake dockside.

See you there!

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