Inspiration meets a Zip Line Tour at ACE

zip lines and inspirtation

Meet Tekha and get inspired!

We get to meet a whole lot of really interesting people working here at ACE Adventure Resort. You know- one of the many perks of working here.  And sometimes we meet people who truly inspire us. So check out this story of a young man with a dream. A dream to play on the Egypt’s national basketball team…

Sure, that’s a hard job. But imagine that being your dream if you were a teenager who was more than 100 lbs. overweight?

On Monday, ACE was lucky enough to host this go-getter on a two-day adventure full of ACE outdoor activities. Meet Tekha Tarek Selim, an overweight Egyptian high school student who conquered the obstacles and ultimately achieved his dream of playing basketball for Team Egypt. He eventually lost 144 pounds in 11 months to get to his dreams… now that’s determination.

Tekha (he told me to say it like “Teak-ha”) has a smile that is contagious. Upon our first introduction, my first thought was, manners, this guy has manners. But as I watched and cheered him on for his first zip on ACE’s Zip Line Tour, you could see the excitement of being young and trying something new. He was giddy with excitement and instantly likeable. He laughed when his liason and I spoke about all the rain. Think about being from Egypt and hearing two West Virginian’s talk about all the rain this summer… too funny.

So if you’d like to learn more about Tekha’s story and are looking for a little inspiration, make sure you see him speak at one of his presentations in WV this August. Admission is free, so we hope you can make the time. After all, we all need a little inspiration from time to time.

- Aug 30th 7 pm, Davis Theatre- West Virginia State University in Institute

- Aug 28th 11 am, West Virginia University Parkersburg in Ripley

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