Kids’ Camp Time Approaches At ACE

Kids. They’re loud and act like they’ve knocked back seven of those five-hour energy shots, but an upside to little ones is they let me maintain my dignity and credibility when we play Candy Land.I’m actually older than I look, so I’m at that point in life when all of my friends are getting married and having kids. I keep telling them they need to come out on vacation to ACE to see me, but they don’t want to leave little Owen or Tyler at home. Luckily, I’ve been able to convince some of my friends to start planning trips because of two beautiful words, Kids’ Camp.

Here’s the lowdown on ACE’s Kids’ Camp: As long as little Owen, Tyler, Chloe or Sarah can make a visit to the potty on their own, they can hang out with an awesome ACE guide all day long!

Mom and Dad can relax at the cabin while enjoying amazingly relaxing massages by ACE’s own Cat Mitchell, but the little ones, well, we work as hard as we can to wear them out. Going for a hike to search for animal tracks is the coolest thing to do during Kids’ Camp. When you find those deer and raccoon tracks, the kids’ faces light up brighter than a Fourth of July fireworks display.

After a lunch at the Bear’s Den, the majority of the afternoon is spent, literally, bouncing back and forth between the Iceberg and the water trampoline out on the lake. My 5-foot 4-inch frame isn’t the best for launching kids off the Blob, but I try as hard as I can!

As summer approaches, I’m working harder on my Iceberg-climbing skills and persuading my friends to visit. I think they’re all getting excited about tackling the Class V rapids on the New River with me, and letting little Owen tackle the water trampoline with one of my fellow guides.

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