Kids Go Sky-High On the Fourth of July

Despite the cooler than average temps on Independence Day, we had a great showing for ACE’s 1st Big Air Blob Competition. Jim, our new event director, worked the crowd throughout the day to drum up competitors. We were able to round up 14 teams willing to put it out there.The Judges:

  • Jim: event director, cyclist, personal trainer
  • Miri: ACE accountant, mountain biker, avid reader
  • Beth: (this is me) marketing manager, injured mountain biker, weekend farmer

Our job was to rank each launch based on amplitude, acrobatics and entry into the water.

As one of the judges, I can attest that it was truly a great showing (check out the photos after the jump).

In fact, I can’t recall a single misfire – that’s where the launcher lands on the pillow and the launchee simply slides off into the water.

We started with one warm-up round so launchers and launchees could determine placement on the inflated pillow. Jim explained that it’s critical that the launchee sits in just the right spot for optimum height achievement. Of course the weight ratio between the two is also a key component — as you can see from the winners’ circle.

Round one consisted of all the competitors. Round two narrowed the field to 8 competitors and the final round dialed it down to 3. Since the scores were extremely close by the final round, we decided to let the crowd select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place winners. It just so happened the crowd voted in the exact order that the judges scored. Way to go, crowd!

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