Kudos To The Heart Of ACE: Reservations Staff

You have not heard from me for a while. To say the least, I have been very busy this year. The past 6 months have been a blur, ensuring over 50,000 guests have a great time on their vacation.Yes, that number is correct. That is over 35,000 rafters with the rest being on canopy tours, ATV trips, paintball, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, mud obstacle mayhem and more. Wow! Writing those activities down really makes you realize that we do everything you can possibly do in the outdoors.

So now that I am back, the first thing I want to do is give a big shout out to my team: the guys and gals who worked their tails off this season. I can’t possibly begin to express my appreciation for them. There aren’t enough pats on the back.

So with that said, here are the people who planned, priced, answered, scheduled and made 50,000 adventures happen!

The Old (don’t take me literally, guys)

Ashley - From helping me with everything here to reminding me to pick my kids up from school, she is my rock. And as Michael Scott (Yes, I love The Office) would say, she is my #2.

Kim - Kim has been at ACE for over 14 years! If you want to know anything, ask her. She is literally the most well-rounded person at ACE! We love us some Kim!

Kathy - Having been here as long as Kim, Kathy keeps our groups happy! She plans events like no other! From groups of 10 to 400, Kathy is your woman!

Mary - Doppler Doolin ensures we are all well aware of impending weather along with helping us assign, plan and take reservations correctly.

Scott - The jokester of the office. Scott keeps you laughing all day! From body rolls to his special awards for all, he really helps keep the atmosphere positive.

Sallie - Sallie is our mom. From her lasagna to her turkey, she makes sure we are all well fed and taken care of.

Brianna - Ask anyone, Brianna is just the best. Her happy-go-lucky personality makes her everyone’s favorite. She wins everyone over, from co-workers to guests!

Tyler - The prodigal son of Mary. Tyler handles all the front desk action here at ACE but is also a paintball, canopy and mud obstacle guide.

Michelle - Our personal spell-checker. In true Michelle fashion, she left us to go back to college with her ACE definition list. Giving new definitions to our spelling mistakes she left us all laughing.

Cat - Cat is our office Hippie Chick. She is the only organized hippie I know. Cat makes reservations but also is a professional masseuse, raft guide, canopy guide, travel show master and more.

Becky - She can’t give ACE up. Even with a real job, she works part time for us. Is it because of me? Her best friend in the whole wide world? Self proclaimed, of course.

June - If Sallie is our mom, then June is our fairy god-mother. June and her husband Bill retired here at ACE for the summer and we just love them!

The New Guys

Jeannie - Hailing from Brooklyn, Jeannie gave up social work to enjoy life more, and we sure enjoyed her. We nicknamed her Carmella (Sopranos) and we all inherited a Brooklyn accent.

Kathie - Biggie Smalls is her new name. Kathie takes organization to an obsessive level and we love her for it!

Samantha - Sam is just great. Her personality is as good as it gets. Always wearing a smile and always happy to help. Sam is the bomb!

Chris - Never heard this man complain, not once! He is awesome! Chris has worked various positions here at ACE, but I think he found his home in the office, and we just love him!

Rachel - Rachel brought her amazing reservation skills from the rivers of Maine, where she worked in the whitewater industry. Coming down with her raft guide-boyfriend, Rachel is as organized as they come, and we love her for it.

Katlyn - She once hooked a fish at her grandpa’s house, ran through the door to show everyone her catch and it ended up spinning around in the ceiling fan. I had to tell that one. This is just one story Katlyn told that kept us all laughing this year.

Chelsea - Our Juno look-alike. Really, it’s amazing and the fact that personality-wise, she is right there. Between Katlyn and Chelsea, there wasn’t a dull moment all season.

Kevin - Kevin is our retired guest of the year (many of us ended up here after first being customers). After leading YMCA camps for years, Kevin decided he never wanted to grow up. So he trained to be a guide this year along with being an office guy as well.

Sean (Bear) – As intimidating as he can be with his size, he is a teddy bear at heart. His iTunes selection will leave you wondering (from Back Street Boys to Guns and Roses) and his dry humor will leave you speechless. Sean is a hoot!

Kip - Our ex-Marine and blue-collar man, Kip hails from WV but has been all over doing blue-collar work. He gave it all up to come to ACE and live the good life!

James - Unbridled enthusiasm. Those are the best words to explain James. He loves ACE. He loves his job and it showed in every conversation he had.

Thomas the Cat – Thomas has more seniority than anyone listed above. He is somewhere between 17 and 20 years of age (depending on who you ask) and all though he makes me sneeze, he completes our office.

So who’s your favorite reservationist? (Thomas is mine!)

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