Lessons From an Adventurer: Monotony Kills

ACE Adventure Resort
Monotony kills. Don’t get me wrong, stability and consistency is what fuels the forward motion of life. We know here at ACE Adventure Resort that “all forward” is what keeps us going downstream. But monotony, means getting stuck in the same rut. To us, this means getting “eddied out”, in other words no real forward motion. Anytime we get caught up by life and become complacent this happens. It can happen to anyone, in large or small doses.

Variety: that is the spice of life. Many of our employees have families, and “desk jobs” they work throughout the winter. However, they understand the danger in monotony. Many of us are busy working on a college degree, or working overtime for a promotion that will mean more monotonous work. Once we accomplish these things, we look back on it and appreciate, truly appreciate, those moments of fun and adventure that made monotony bearable. Without that adventure, we would not be able to continue striving for our goals. Without spurts of adventure during monotony where would we really be? “Unhappy” may be one of the destinations on that unforgiving road.

What I’m trying to relate here, is that life is all about taking chances when you have the opportunity. Those are the moments you will look back on and continue to revel in the glory of it.  Don’t you want to think outside your box a little? Perhaps challenge yourself? We want you to. Because we have. There is beauty in the unknown. While consistency has its place in our lives, so should adventure. Maybe you don’t have the time to take a weeklong vacation with us (we wish you did) however we are still here whenever you are ready. Start small. Come see us for one weekend, and challenge our river to a dual. We are positive that you’ll be hooked. Maybe life has seemed slow moving lately. Take some time off and come fly through the trees with us on a zip line.

Escape to us. Escape WITH us. You owe it to yourself. Put monotony on the shelf for a while and live a little. This folks, are those memories you will look back on one day and thank yourself for being brave enough to make.

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