Life In A Tent

If somebody were to ask you “Will you live in a tent?”, what would you say?

Most people would probably say, “Yes, but for how long?”

A night? A weekend? A week? A month?


Nobody ever wakes up in the morning thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to live in a tent for 6 MONTHS!” However, life does happen and excitement DOES exist at EVERY stage of it!

After accepting a job offer at ACE I began my preparation for life in the wilderness.

First thing on my long check-list was a tent.

Now, keep in mind that my only tent experience in the past 10 years before ACE is when I camped in a tent for 2 nights 2 years ago!

What kind of tent would you get if you were living in one for 6 months?

My answer is: A BIG ONE!

I went with the Ozark Trail 16-foot-by-9.5-foot Family Dome Tent

What else would you get for your life in a tent?

I have my tent set up pretty much like a dorm room, but instead of wooden dressers, closet with rods, and a bed, I have plastic boxes, a heavy duty drying rack (for hanging clothes), and an air mattress.

Since I am only in my tent while sleeping, it’s pretty cozy. And who can stand being inside when you live at an adventure resort?

So the next time you are trying to book a trip at ACE and all the cabins are booked up, definitely check out our rustic structures, which are tents built on wooden platforms with permanent roofs. Sure you don’t have electricity or air conditioning, but seriously, you are only sleeping in them and they are VERY cozy!

Good luck with all of your tent adventures!

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