Why We Love Our Rough Around The Edges WV Resort

ACE Adventure Park & Lake

ACE Adventure Resort is one of a kind. It is full of magical, adventure-rich memories about to be made. It’s out of the norm because it certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill vacation spot. We love it here. However, we know it’s “different”. We are constantly reminded that we aren’t the lavish spa-type of vacation that many socialites seek. Hipsters sipping cappuccinos while staring at their macs don’t surround our lake. Here, the real hipsters are IN the lake, playing and smiling as big as the 10 year old kid next to them.

You can’t get your nails done here, you won’t get a massage, and in fact, you might leave here sore and with funny tan lines. We aren’t the resort you come to if you want to go shopping at designer stores or eat exotic foods. We are a locally owned, quirky business and appreciate a “well-made burger and beer” kind of meal. That is who we are.

But really, if you do vacation at one of those lavish resorts, will you take photos of getting your nails done? Will you FB that image to your friends and tell them how exciting it was? No, because it was relaxing and that’s great. But was it really fun? At ACE we understand that we are a little rough around the edges. We are a bit out of the way (where the heck is Minden, WV anyway?).  We may be the “tom boy” of other resorts, but that’s how we like it!

We offer you so much more that other resorts would cringe at for fear of staining their khakis. We offer you trip stories that you’ll be reminiscing about for the rest of your life, and pictures everyone will WANT to look at. We don’t offer an atmosphere of standards and snoots, but of people that enjoy a “come as you are, be who you want to be” way of life.

We have bands that you won’t need a tux to see, but will need a little boogie in your step to enjoy. Our activities will push you, in the best possible way. You will remember what it’s like to visit real fun again. So here’s to knowing that we can be rough at times. Here’s to real adventurers. And here’s to being different WV resort in the best way possible: Real. Genuine. Fun.

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