Magic in the Unknown

Rivers West Virginia

Mattie P. and Brian H. stand above one of many drops at Kanawha Falls in West Virginia. Scouting the waterfall for a runnable line in a whitewater raft. Photo by Kathie Green.

Standing cliff-side, watching mass amounts of water pour over a waterfall isn’t something that most people would find appealing. For a select few however, that vertically falling water holds something magical. It is the catalyst for adventure; it is experiencing the unknown.

This magic is not limited to waterfalls though. We individuals who seek out the next big whitewater mania, climb just a little bit higher for that hold, or push just a little bit harder toward the unfamiliar to know this magic well. We are addicted to it, always wanting more.

Most of society finds us as having a few screws loose in our minds. Maybe that’s why we gather together in these camps, vans and campers, living happily by riverside and fire light, away from the lights of the city. It is true after all that birds of a feather flock together.

So call us crazy adrenaline junkies, dirt bags or hippies. We’ve come to have affection for those terms. We will always continue searching for the magic that is the unknown.

-Written by Kathie Green-

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