Make Lemonade With Your Rainy Day Lemons At ACE


You know how there are some people who can make the best of any situation? They seem to always be able to make lemonade even if the whole tree falls on their car.Well the other day at ACE it rained. You can see the importance of making lemonade.

I was spending my day off sitting at my laptop at the Big Top (trip check-in). It was almost noon and the trips had all gone for the day. A family of about 12 walked up, completely clad in bathing suits and water shoes, looking to spend their afternoon (after driving several hours) playing at ACE’s Adventure Play Park (aka, The Lake). Their excitement grew as they got their passes and headed down the stairs.

This family, whose only goal was to go swimming, spent a grand total of five minutes in The Lake, and then it happened. Thunder. Not distant thunder. It was that kind of thunder that shakes the table. The skies opened and it poured rain! Heavy buckets, torrents of rain.

And this family, after hours in the car, simply picked up their lunch coolers, walked up the stairs and ate lunch under the Big Top. They never once broke their smiles. As I watched them finish lunch, I began to worry, what would they do now? They were all soaked and starting to look a little cold. Check-in wasn’t for another couple of hours, and The Lake closes during thunderstorms.

Here at ACE we can control a lot of things, but weather isn’t one of them. You’d be shocked how many people call me in May for a reservation in August and want to know the weather for the trip date. But this family must have a chain of lemonade stands because when lunch was over they simply walked out into the driving rain and played volleyball.

The rain kept coming and the thunder kept rolling and they just kept playing. We all wish for good weather on vacation. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we get wet.

When you are on vacation at ACE you’re going to be outside most of the time. We can only hope that on rainy days, we all have a little sugar in our pockets to help make our own lemonade.

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