Meet ACE’s Newest Blogging River Guide: Alyson

Greetings from the river’s edge! I’m Alyson, and I’m one of those lucky people who works her “dream job.” I don’t have a cubicle or desk. My uniform requires sandals and sunscreen. And my commute involves wild bus rides and rubber boats.If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a whitewater guide here at ACE in wild and wonderful West Virginia. I spend most days out on the river, but from time to time, I dry off and write down some of my favorite memorable experiences. I’d like to share some of those stories in this here fancy ACE blog so you readers can get informed, inspired, and hopefully entertained.

This is my second season of rafting. For many of us, the “season” runs 7 days a week from May through October. A day’s work usually begins while there is still fog hanging low in the sky. We like those mornings because they turn into clear, sunny days.

We also like rainy days because that rain feeds our rivers. We monitor the weather nearly as much as farmers; it can become a bit obsessive really. But, one of the perks of this job is having a front row seat to these changes.

For many of our guests, they only get to visit for a few days and they see only a snapshot of the full experience. So I always recommend as many different trips as possible. Each day, each water level, and each river section has a unique appeal.

Throughout my blogs, I’ll try to convince you that you should come rafting everyday of the season. And even if you have to save up for that one trip each year, I’ll give you a little reminder of why it’s worth the wait.

Need a teaser? Well, I’m hoping to cover those burning questions that people usually save for their river guide. Maybe I’ll be able to help you skip over the “oops” moment and get truly prepared for a fantastic river experience.

And I’ll also share some of the natural wonders we’re seeing this year (bald eagles, deer galore, and high water throughout the summer). And sprinkled in, I’ll give a “shout out” to some of my favorite guests and the awesome moments they have provided while we were drifting down the river.

So please check in, ask questions, comment, and keep looking downstream!

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