Why We Mountain Music F.E.S.T

Mountain Music Fest

Keller Williams & Larry Keel performing at the 2014 Mountain Music Festival

We are all wishing we could go back a couple weeks when we were having out first big booty-bumpin’ blast in the mountains at the Mountain Music Festival. Other than it being put simply as, “it’s a dang good time”, we want to spell out to you just WHY we at ACE like to Mountain Music FEST.

F- Friends. At the end of the day, ACE Adventure Resort is all about giving its guests a good time! It’s why we do what we do. We love to share our love of adventure, with other people. Sharing this sweet “tunage” with a mass amount of friends is no different. The music festival will only continue to get bigger and better. And we are so thankful for all the friends we continue to make the many adventures we offer and at the music festival.

E- Experience.  What an experience this was for employees, guests and the talent alike! Out in nature, amazing music, dancing, laughing, adventures… This is the kind of experience you want to relive again and again. We want to keep this experience on repeat guys, it’s just too good not to.

S- Surreal. Can you name another music festival you can go whitewater rafting or zip lining at? Seriously, think about it- at any other festival, you get music and camping. Which is great, but we want to give you the most surreal adventure possible. Here’s the recipe: whitewater, zip lines, lake toys, sweet camping, good vibes and some great bands = one heck of a festival! As the Wood Brothers called it, there was “frosting” everywhere.

T- Tunes. A wise man once said, “Go where the people dance”. He wasn’t wrong. If people are dancing, then people are happy! We’re music lovers – and bringing together the beautiful outdoors and jammin’ tunes we all love, just seems to make sense. We have a feeling you agree.

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