Check Out the Mud Obstacle Course at ACE

Mud CourseThe Muddier the Merrier:

What kind of adventure can teach team bonding and simultaneously make you look like a mud dwelling creature? None other than the Mud Obstacle course offered here at ACE.

A race against the clock, challenging obstacles and team tasks are all-apart of this adventure. It’s always fun to get dirty, but the mud obstacle course brings an entirely new meaning to the word “dirty”. Mud will be squishing out of your shoes, caked in your hair and dripping from your arms, as the only bright thing about you remains the huge smile on your face that this adventure is sure to leave you and your friends. This obstacle offers several run-throughs. The first time, you get the initial fear of getting drenched out of the way. Once you take the first muddy plunge, you learn to fully embrace the dirt. As you race over logs, through tunnels and climb high walls you learn that the more team based you are, the better you do. While that is half the fun, the other half is every time you fall over or off something the sweet, squishy mud is there to greet you. Taking a before and after picture is a good idea, because your clothes will definitely not be the same color. Ever wanted to push a family member or coworker into a huge mud puddle? Now you can and it is totally acceptable. The larger the group you have the better. In other words, the muddier the merrier. The mud obstacle course at ACE Adventure Resort is sure to be an activity that you and your friends will love to dive into. And trust us, the groups that dig into the mud together, end of up with a connection words can’t describe.

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