Name Our New Cabins, Win a Free Night!

We’ve just added 4 new cabins to our ever-increasing lodging options, but we’ve run into trouble:  We don’t know what to name them.  Our minds seized up after coming up with such gems as:

  • The Places Where ACE Guests Will Relax and Sleep and Stuff
  • Temporary Domicile for Adventurers Visiting Southern West Virginia
  • The New Cabins Up On the Hill

See what I mean?

So, we’ve decided to turn to you for help in naming the new digs. For background, check out this post on these cabins and then come back here and post your comment. Please. We implore you.


  • Post your suggestions in the comments on this blog post to enter.
  • The contest ends at 12 noon EST on January 27, 2012.
  • The winner will be chosen by ACE and announced the afternoon of January 27, 2012.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, but remember, we are looking for quality over quantity (you did read our three suggestions above, right? You peddle stuff like that around these parts, well, let’s just say it took us a week just to get the tar and feathers off).

Feel free to use the share buttons to tweet or post this on Facebook. The more the merrier.

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  • Kelsey P

    The Hawk’s Nest
    The Logs of Luxury
    Hiker’s Haven

  • K Pepmeier

    Hillside Retreat
    Mountianside Lodge

  • Pam A

    Heaven’s Hideaway Retreat


  • Vic Fallis

    captin vic or the ark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick_cooper93

    ACE in the Hole or ACE in the Holler!

  • Joe Merkel

    Not Berry Farms

  • Andrew Corder

    Nature’s Nest
    Eagle Meadows
    Hawk Perch
    Mountaineers Retreat

  • Anonymous

    Locust Loop Lodging
    Log Acres
    Lazy Logging Lodges
    Rafters Retreat

  • Amanda

    The Roost
    The Nest
    The Barn

  • Amanda

    The Lillypad
    The Hammock
    The Trail’s End

  • Skyler Clark


  • Tricia

    Serene Meadow Cabins

  • Samantha Cree

    Oar House
    Sandstone Lodge
    Dam House
    Wagon Wheel Lodge

  • Shannon

    Nature’s Haven

  • Cmedmon

    Wild River
    Wonderful River
    West River

  • Katie L.

    Chateaux Relaxeau

    The OAR House

    Thurmond’s Crossing

    Coal Miner’s Cabins

  • Cmedmon

    add the 4th:
    Rafting River

  • Analisa Gildner

    Rafts A Lot

    • Anonymous

      Camp Rafts-a-Lot!!! Love it!!! Even better…WE could stay there for our trip!!

  • Greg Gadai

    cabin #1
    and cabin awesome

  • Amanda

    Log Off
    Re Boot
    Shut Down

  • Dave G

    Ripcord Cabins
    Ripcord Cottages

  • Michael Prater

    Mud Cat Cabins
    Eagles Landing
    Big Buck Den
    Rabbit Hole

  • Turks5

    the place where i belong.
    Mountain Mama
    take me home
    J.D’s Joint
    papa Bear’s
    Highjacked Holler
    Hidden Holler
    Heritage Holler
    divine bliss

  • Nikki_4_success

    holler-back in the woods
    bull forgs

  • Nikki_4_success

    cabana fever!!

  • Alecia Lester

    Leapers Sleepers
    Rafters Pad
    “Gorge”ous View

  • Jessica

    Paddler’s Pad
    Ragin’ River Retreat
    Calm Waters Cabin

  • Nikki_4_success

    Holler-Shack in the woods

  • Shawna2444

    Backwoods Bungalows

  • Shawna2444

    Hilltop Hideaways

  • Shawna2444

    Paddle Inn, Zip Inn, Climb Inn, Trot Inn

  • Tom G.

    Deuces R Wild, Aces High

  • Tom G

    1.Ace Of Spayds 2. Ace of Hearts 3. Ace of Diamond 4. Ace of Clubs. or all the Aces

  • Toni0618

    1.truman bear 3.aspen 4.grey fox

  • tina

    Almost Heaven

  • Anonymous

    These are awesome!

    Thanks for the Shares, everyone. Keep the names coming!

  • Nikki_4_success

    The Holler’n ACE

  • Hoover925

    When is the decision going to be made, ACE? I’m excited to hear the name. Though I’m partial to my own suggestions ;)

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