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Howboutchee! It’s me, Tug, again. I know, I know but this is what I do.I just wanted to let y’all know that the new 2009 kayak models are in at ACE Adventure Gear Shoppe. You should also know that our free river shuttle starts on May 6.

We have the latest boats from Pyranha, Liquid Logic and Jackson now in stock.

Jackson has added mid-level boats to some of their lines. The new Little Hero brings a river running boat to the smaller paddler, fitting the weight-range from 90 to 150 pounds. Jackson is also bringing a K-2 boat to the market this Spring. The Dynamic Duo will bring the double paddle craft to the New River!

Pyranha will also be sporting a couple of new boats as well at “The Only kayak shop IN the New River Gorge.” We will proudly be sporting the new and the Karnali. The will give paddlers substantially greater control over the kayak’s movement on the water, as well as improved balance and an elevated knee position providing for more efficient and ergonomic paddling strokes. The Karnali has a very stable hull, soft, round edges and generous rocker. All these design features help to put your mind at ease and allow you to concentrate on running the river versus what is going on underneath you!

Liquid Logic is also coming to the table with some new whitewater tidbits to munch on! The Biscuit is Liquid Logic’s new playboat morsel. This boat, designed by Shane Benedict, is a high-flying aerial assault kayak and has been put together to take playboating to another level. Also on the Liquid Logic buffet is their offering from the wave of ‘crossover’ boats, the XP 10. This boat will be able to handle the rivers you want to run and be able to hit the coastal waters for extended, multi-day paddle excursions. Complete with a storage compartment in the stern you can pack your gear (or beer) for long trips! It is also equipped with a drop down skeg to keep things moving in the right direction.

Spring is here y’all, and it is time to get back on the creek. Come down to ACE Adventure Gear and demo anyone of these boats, especially on Wednesday nights – each week we run a free shuttle for paddlers running the New River.

Got any questions about the newest and best in whitewater gear? Let us hear ‘em. Want to learn to kayak, but you’re not sure how? Check out our white water kayak clinics.

Don’t forget to join the ACE Adventure Gear group site on Facebook, and we’ll see ya on the creek!

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