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I’ve been at ACE for several (20-plus) years now and when the ACE blog formed decided to stay in the background. Once a full-time employee, my role has been limited in the past few years due to time constraints though my heart and soul remain with the resort and its transformation through the years. I decided to change that and hope I can contribute to the amazing lineup of entries (admittedly Scott’s are some of my favorite – his humor is spot on).

My “real world” adventures take me around the globe and I have become a roving critique of customer service. Recently, I spent a week at an international trade show in Montreal and got to see my old friend and customer service icon, Gerry.

Gerry is the concierge at the Intercontinental on rue Saint-Antoine. Gerry wasn’t always the concierge; I met him four years ago as we disembarked at the curb and received a friendly “Bonjour” from a man dressed in appropriate winter garb. Today he can be found behind the concierge desk directing guests to his favorite Montreal restaurants, securing tickets to shows or, in the case this evening, arranging for a rose delivery for a hotel guest.

Strapped with duties at the hotel, it seemed natural for me to volunteer to go out and procure the requested items as the flower shop was reluctant to deliver. How many times have I been in his shoes at ACE? Lots. And I know the satisfaction you feel when you pull off the unexpected. Politely, Gerry declined my offer.

Thirty minutes later, a bell man delivered three beautiful roses to my room; unexpected and yet another example of making a guest feel like a million.

As I use the multiple examples of Gerry’s excellence at his job, I often look to the wonderful examples of customer service at ACE. Gerry has literally taken the shoes off his feet for a member of our party who dressed inappropriately on one of our trips. Has anyone at ACE ever delivered the last piece of dry apparel in their dry bag to a member of your party?

After an airline luggage snafu (Anyone had one of those?), Gerry made sure the chefs were able to prepare samples the next morning by walking them down to the kitchen and opening the uniform room. Which guide took the time with a member of your group to overcome their fear and experience success on the canopy tour or a rock climbing trip?

Gerry greeted us Monday evening with a list of the newest and best restaurants that had opened since our last visit including mention of the one right in our hotel. Remember the smile that crossed your face when your favorite guide greeted you for another rafting adventure?

We would love to hear those little moments and thoughts that made your experience at ACE a lesson in customer service excellence. Like Gerry, they truly make the trip a memorable event.

I’ve extended an invitation for Gerry and his family to join us in West Virginia. He’s certainly interested but wonders if he can simply sip on a beverage in the mountains at an ACE chalet instead of rock climbing. He’ll gladly let you borrow his shoes or trade for some river sandals or sunscreen.

(Cindy Martel was once the Marketing Director/a guide/a bus driver at ACE. She now works as an International Marketing Specialist and loves to come back to Fayette County and hang out at ACE, teaches CPR and first aid and helps out at the stables. She learned valuable business and customer service skills at the resort that serve her well today.)

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