Night Zip Line Tour w/ ACE Adventure Resort

Night Zip Line ToursSo I have to admit something that is a wee bit embarrassing.  I’m a little bit scared of heights. I mean nothing over the top or anything, but you probably won’t see me jumping off many rocks or signing up for a skydiving tour. As I’ve gotten older, I have let the cat out of the bag on my fears. I guess I am just a bit more confident or maybe I’m getting over the whole “looking cool” thing. I was never that good at it anyway.

So to my delight (seriously, no sarcasm here), I was asked to go on a Night Zip Line Tour at ACE Adventure Resort to scope it out. My mission- report back what it’s really like to the team and to attempt to write a blog about it (and just to clarify- this was a volunteer project).

So here is the super short skinny on ACE’s newest activity.

  • Having an activity to do at night is awesome (kudos to the folks that made it happen), especially knowing that whole fall back thing (daylight savings) is right around the corner.
  • For those of us that are scared of heights, doing the Zip Line Tour in the dark basically takes that edge away = bonus points for the getting-older lady!
  • Don’t think that the previous bullet makes the Zip Line Tour less fun or intense. Sure, the heights aren’t as noticeable, BUT stepping off the platform into the dark unknown is pretty exhilarating. I loved it and definitely felt a rush, making me even more excited for the next zip.

The Zip Line guides are SO MUCH FUN! I was so pleased to have two of ACE’s finest guides… we laughed and laughed and smiled so much our cheeks hurt. I love that about our guide staff. If smiling is a cure, then going out on ACE’s Zip Line Tour is the perfect remedy.

Another confession: I’m not a video expert either. But I did shoot a couple of quick videos from that night. Check out one of the guides showing us that having a little fun in the dark is truly a perfect way to spend an evening at ACE.

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