November Is Actually Kinda Awesome In The New River Gorge

If you sometimes come to do a little whitewater rafting in the summer you might not believe what I’m going to say.  Okay, here goes:

November is really pretty awesome in the New River Gorge.



Wait, what?  November?  Why would I say that? Well,  actually there are a lot of reasons, I guess.  I mean, where should I start?

The Weather

Warm days and cool nights for one. With temperatures in the 50’s and sometimes 60’s during the day, it makes for perfect hiking, biking and climbing. And yes, some of us still like to boat in this weather.

Dressed properly, you can do just about any activity around here. The zip-lines are still zipping along and ATV Tours are a natural fall experience. The cooler nights are perfect for campfires, hot tubs, and snuggling.  And it also means the bug population has moved south and the trees have dropped their leaves.

The Views

And we get the best views of the mountains and gorge. Hey, the Bridge Catwalk tour is finally open. This would actually be the perfect time to take a walk 876 feet up in the air over the rapids.  Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

The R’n'R

Oh, another thing: it’s always Quiet Hour. Things are a lot more relaxed and quite around here. With the kids in school and college football in full swing, you don’t have all the traffic you do in the summer months.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people. It’s one of the perks of our job, meeting all kinds of fun and interesting people.  This is social-central in the summer.

But to take a solitary hike along the rim of the gorge, or down along the river this time of year is, well, special. It revitalizes the soul. There are days that you never see anyone. I love to listen to the leaves crinkle under my feet, catch an unexpected warm breeze or sunray on my face or just sit in silence on a river boulder and watch the whispering ripples in the river.

This is a great place to explore and get away from it all, experiencing quality “me” or “our” time. Just the other day my son and I laid out on a large flat rock in the middle of the river watching the clouds roll by. For hours. Talk about your quality time.

The Money

And the best part is (you already know this) all the great deals. It’s the supply and demand rule.  Since the pace has slowed down considerably, there are tons of opportunities for a good deal. November is between the end of the Rafting Season and the start of the Skiing Season, so there are no long lines waiting for, say, our deluxe cabins with hot tubs.

Wink, wink.

If you need a little “me” time, away from your electric, eclectic lifestyle, or you need time to reconnect with the family, or you want a romantic getaway, this may be the perfect opportunity.  Yes.  November.

What am I missing here?  Tell us about it in the comments.

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