Ode To Black Friday: An ACE Thanksgiving Poem

Well, here we are; Black Friday again.

I’m stuck at some store, instead of out with my friends.

Shoppers get mad and check-out lines clog,

So I thought I’d check in on this awesomesauce blog.

And what do I find, when I open the page?

A poem ’bout ACE to cool down this rage.

My head fills with thoughts of vacations remembered.

But, hey, what gives, ACE? It’s almost December.

Why should I care what you’re up to this season?

I know you’re not rafting, so there must be a reason.

But just when I think ACE is out of the goods,

I see there’s a cabin, nestled back in the woods.

I start to imagine what I might be doing

If I weren’t here where all this madness is brewing.

And -BAM- there I am in the New River Gorge,

On a Canopy Tour (our guide is named George).

I’m harnessed, I’m strapped, I’m ready to rip,

George set us up on our very first Zip.

Then off I go flying like a bird through the trees.

This first zip is great- I’ll take 7 more, please.

And views, oh the views, of the gorge all laid bare,

The silence, the stillness, the crisp winter air.

We shout and we scream, we laugh and we play,

Then head to our cabin to round out the day.

It’s warm and it’s cozy inside by the fire,

And … huh? What’s that? Sure, I’ll have another Fat Tire.

And that’s what I’m thinking when I hit the ground;

A wild pack of moms has just taken me down.

I guess I was standing there in the wrong place,

In a store on Black Friday while dreaming of ACE.

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