Oh My Gauley: Another Entry In The Great Gauley Blog Off

This post is an entry in the Great Gauley Blog Off by Tina Christy, who rhymes so hard she might be a rapper. Terms and Rules of the Blog Off are listed at the end of this post. We’re accepting entries all the way up until September 7, 2010. So, got a story? A poem? You could win free stuff for telling us all about it.

Here is my Gauley poem admittedly incomplete

You see I’ve never actually conquered this feat

This summer as 2 rookies we rafted the Lower New

And surfing the railroad rapids quickly schooled our crew

Our guide Trevor sprung into action and saved the day

And we fell in love with whitewater along the way

We need more rapids, a step up from the New

There is obviously only one thing to do

Either start a band and sing the West Virginia blues

Or give Trevor the nod and strap on our rope shoes

Wait. Tina, is that a sonnet? It there some kind of whitewater Shakespeare thing going on here? Pretty impressive stuff, regardless. And if any of you readers out there are feeling similarly impressive, you might want to submit a little post about it (and maybe win something cool.)


Contest Prompts/Terms:


To enter the Contest, your computer must accept cookies, or any

successor or similar technology, so that ACE is able to track your

entries in the Contest.

You may submit your entry by providing your full name, email

address and essay text on the Contest Submission Form located on the

ACE website at http://www.aceraft.com/great-gauley-blog-off.html

You may submit an essay that discusses in 100-750 words any one (1) of the following:

A. Which famous person you would like to take rafting and why

B. Your favorite Gauley River rafting guide and why

C. A poem written by you about whitewater rafting in West Virginia

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