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Dog friendly vacations

And you weren’t going to take me on vacation?

Travel with Your Pet:

Fluffy and Fido make a rather large impact on the places you are able to travel. Pet owners understand, it is worth going a couple extra miles and paying a couple extra dollars to take your furry family member with you. This can be difficult, but regardless, worth it. No one likes the guilty feeling of leaving their pet in a kennel while they travel. It takes a little part of your experience away not having your loyal companion next to you. We believe that your fun should be totally guilt free and pet friendly. Ever want to go camping but don’t like the idea of leaving your four-legged loved one stuck in a hot tent all day? Worry no more.

ACE now makes travel for you and your pet as easy as a day at the dog park. Because we now offer pet friendly cabins, travel to ACE Adventure Resort for you and your pet is a reality. If you take your pet with you, you want there to be plenty of bonding time! Being located in the great outdoors means endless adventure for you and an entirely new world of sites and smells for your pet that’ll leave both of your tails wagging. Take a morning walk with the dog, let them relax in an air conditioned cabin while you take a rafting or zip line trip then enjoy the evening together at the lake or playing catch! Camping has never sounded so good as it does now right.  An easy-access travel location with endless adventure possibilities that is Fido friendly may sound just too good to be true, however the opportunity awaits. (Well at least for the 2013 season.)

Please note that dogs must be kept in a crate while in our cabins. You will be expected to bring one from home, as well as all other dog necessities. Feel free to give one of our adventure specialists a call and let them know you have a dog, so they can give you all the dog beta!

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