Pre-Trip Tips for a Day of White Water Rafting in WV

whitewater rafing wv

white water rafting in WV

So you are totally pumped to go white water rafting in wv—but you don’t know exactly what to do or where to go the morning of your trip. Here’s the inside scoop on pre-trip details that will simplify your morning and keep you stress-free for a fun day on the river:

  • Where and when do I check-in?

The check-in for your trip is located at the Big Top—the giant white tent right at the heart of ACE. Your show-up time is listed and highlighted on a sheet you received at the Welcome Center when you first got to ACE.

  • When do I meet my guide?

Your Trip Leader (TL) will be at the Big Top to help you fill out wavers and answer questions. This is the time to tell him or her about any medical conditions—you don’t want to mention that triple bypass surgery you just had in the middle of a rapid.

  • What if I’ve forgotten something?

If you’ve gotten to the check-in on time, you should have enough time to go back to your cabin/camp spot to grab anything you’ve forgotten, such as sunscreen or a glasses strap. You can also purchase pretty much anything you need at the ACE Store, located right beside the Big Top.

  • Where do I park my car?

Your TL will have told you to meet up at the PFD Room to get all of your gear (link to blog about gear). Bring some towels and even some dry clothes in your car because you can park right by the PFD Room. After you get back from your trip, there are showers and changing rooms next to the PFD Room so you can change out of those chilly, wet clothes and get dry.

  • What do I do with my keys?

Once you’ve gotten everything you need out of your car, your TL will have a labeled key basket that will be left safely at ACE. So keep all your extra stuff and valuables in your car, lock it up, and then put your keys in the basket.

Final note: don’t take anything white water rafting in WV  that you would not be heartbroken to lose. So leave behind your great-grandma’s engagement ring or that baseball cap that took 10 years to break in, and take only what’s necessary for a day on the river. For tips on what to bring, check out (insert what to bring on the river blog).

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