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In today’s world of automated phone systems, call centers and outsourcing of everything I am frightened that customer service is becoming a thing of the past.Have a problem with your phone bill? Call your provider, press 3, then 4, then 2, then speak your name, then 2 and again 3, spin around twice, then 4 – it’s never ending. I want to talk to someone when I have a problem, I want to speak to an intelligent person when I’m purchasing an item, and I definitely do not want to argue with an automated phone system, even these fancy new systems using voice recognition (especially those). Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but aren’t most of the people in America asking themselves “where are all the REAL PEOPLE?” If so, I have only one answer: They’re in West Virginia working at ACE Adventure Resort.

When calling ACE, the first option you have is “to talk to a real person press 2 now” and from there, that “real person” will get you where you need to be.

When you email us and ask a question, we give you a direct response, and if you choose to chat with us on our website, you are chatting with someone sitting right here in our Reservations Office. Our Reservations Office is located in the heart of our Resort, you are welcome to visit when you arrive and meet the person who (if I’m doing my job right) helped you plan the best vacation of your life. I am very proud of this. In fact, I’m extremely proud of this.

As a manager, I want your experience here to be the best of your life. I realize that your precious vacation time and hard earned money are being spent here. I realize that you have a lot of expectations and I want to meet them. When I say this, I’m not hoping the owner is reading it, and I might just earn some brownie points. The owners just walked in from running the bulldozer and excavator and are VERY actively involved in every aspect of the company they built from the ground up. That’s another reason I am proud of what I do, because this place is the #1 priority of the people I work for. I’m not a number on a payroll list; I’m not having conference calls with an owner who’s at his winter home in the Caribbean. They know me. They know my family. And they ask about my sick kids.

So if you have looked at our website until your eyes feel like they are going to pop out and somehow found this blog, give us a call, press 2 and let’s talk about it. Email and ask us those questions you can’t seem to find the answer to, or chat with us about a link you think isn’t working. THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE (even in the dead of winter) – to provide you with superb customer service, to help you plan the vacation of your life and to make sure it is carried off without a hitch!

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