Rock Climbing In The New River Gorge with ACE: What We Do

Rock climbing in the New River Gorge Region of West Virginia probably is exactly what you think it is. Beautiful. Challenging. Fun.

But we thought it might be nice to look at an ACE climbing trip, specifically, and talk a little about what we feel makes us different, and why you might like to take a climbing trip with us.

The premise is the same here as with climbing trips in other places. You get to a wall of rock. You get all of your equipment ready. You climb up.

But ACE is a little different.

Here, we try to do just a little something extra for you while you’re here. It might be showing you a secret view, or helping you reach that next level of experience, or, y’know, helping you reach that extra lunch. Maybe it’s all of those. Maybe it’s more.

Here are 7 reasons why people like climbing with ACE:

  1. Our experienced guides will make sure you feel comfortable regardless of skill, age or even fear of heights.
  2. The trip will be customized to ensure that you will walk away with an experience you will never forget and (hopefully) a craving to get on the rocks again.
  3. You can choose to stay on the ACE property and explore the “Middle Earth” rock climbing area.
  4. Or you can head deep into the New River Gorge and climb with the bridge above you and beautiful river below.
  5. Lunch is provided for all of the full day trips.
  6. The guides are fun (and funny)!
  7. The scenery is, well, amazing.

ACE also offers a series of introductory courses for climbers who want to learn, or for people with a little experience who want to improve their technical skills. Along with a personalized course where you choose the subject matter, clinics include:

  • Learn the Ropes Introductory Climbing Clinic
  • Gym to Rock Custom Climbing Clinic
  • Lead Climbing Instruction Custom Climbing Clinic
  • Traditional Multi-pitch Custom Climbing Clinic
  • Eventing Relax And Rappel Clinic for people who might feel a bit, um, intimidated.

Children as young as 8 years old can join, too, because what do kids like to do? Climb.

Climbing isn’t for everybody. But it might be for you. And we’d love to show you the walls of the New River Gorge. What do you think?

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