Rock Climbing in the New River Gorge

Rock Climbing

Climbing in the New River Gorge

It does not matter if you’re Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Top Roping, or Bouldering. The New River Gorge is a supreme spot for climbers. The New River Gorge is the Grand Canyon of the east, a true mecca for climbers. It would take a lifetime to cover all charted climbs, between the Gorge, Summersville Lake and the Meadows there is over 65 miles of cliff faces to scale including over 1700 recognized routes to climb that range from challengingly easy to impressively difficult.

Oh you’ve never been to The New River Gorge? Getting Started rock climbing in the New River Gorge is much easier then it may seem.  Go to the A gear store and pick up “The New River Gorge Rock Climbing” guidebook. This handbook has every climb that you could ever want to climb in the Gorge, Summersville, and the Meadow. Each Climb is numbered and ranked using The Yosemite Decimal System, then given a one to four star rating system to indicate the quality of the route and backed up with small descriptions lined with helpful hints about the climb itself.

Are you new to the area and you’re unfamiliar to it and with the people? Don’t worry; climbers are a friendly and charismatic group of individuals. Grab your guide book, find a good bouldering spot and bring all your gear, if you’re out going enough you can meet some interesting and inspiring people who might just let you jump on their rope or give you some good tips about the area. You can also hit up the local climber hangouts, like the New River Campground off Ames Heights Road, Cathedral Café in Fayetteville, or Waster Stone Outdoors in Fayetteville, an outdoor store geared primarily towards climbers. These are the places you can visit to help give you a “leg up” in the climbing world of the New River Gorge.

New River Gorge ClimbingPerhaps you desire a little instruction on climbing? Come to ACE Adventure Resort where we offer 1 to 4 day climbing clinics where you will learn, from our professionally trained climbing guides, how to use and care for your equipment, fitting yourself with climbing shoes and a harness, how to tie basic knots and anchors, techniques to climb more efficiently, picking the right routes, and how routes are graded. You’re addicted to climbing now? Well then you can try one of the full day or half day climbing trips that ACE Adventure Resort offers. We will take you to the premier climbing spots of the gorge, with breath taking views of the mountains, valleys, and the New River. Good Luck my friends and Climb On!

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