Sign Our Petition To Protect Outdoor Adventure From Congress

You might have heard the news already, dear ACE blog readers: The government is trying to outlaw whitewater rafting, zip lines, mountain biking, fishing, and just about any other activity we all partake in to relax, reconnect and have fun.

At this point, House Bill 34-009-11, also known to opponents as the “Protect Nature By Making It Illegal For People To Go Out In It” Law, is probably all over CNN and FOX. Forgive us for repeating the awful news, but more people have to know.

This powerful lobby of members of Congress, senators and special interests is under the mistaken impression that the only way to save the outdoors is to keep us from going out there and enjoying it. It’s going to take all our voices to tell them — and the rest of the country, who support them by staying inside all the time — that we need to go out into the hills and forests to play, that it’s good for us.

So, we hope you’ll join us in speaking up on behalf of outdoor fun by signing our petition. You can add your support by leaving a comment here on the blog, just below. Then, just to be safe, book a trip for this summer, and bring a friend. Then, head over to the ACE Adventure Resort Facebook Page, and let your voice be heard there — give a shout out to save outdoor adventure!

Thank you, patriots and active vacationers!

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